Monday, 9 June 2008

A Quiet Monday Morning

Working nights is one of the Many things that I am unfortunate enough to have to do, London is another world under the quiet haze of the strangely clear morning air, mixed with the orange glow of the streetlights that are the only life in the city at night.

On this warm Monday morning, at about 4am I decided to go for a walk around Farringdon. The Rising sun is a welcome change to the usual rain and generally bad weather. But there is something else in the Air today, something less like the London we all know and Hate. Its a Smell... The smell of Death. Whilst Walking the Streets of London at 4am to some is a challenge to some, I walk towards the noise of lorries and vans in the Distance, a Homeless man asleep in a Doorway, I think to myself, this is London.

After walking a short distance from our new home in Farringdon Underground Station, I Come across the Smithfield Meat Market. Which to be honest with you, is a Vegetarians worst nightmare!! Personally I am a fan of Meat, but this is just way beyond anything I have ever seen! The Sight of Men in White Coats and Hard-Hats walking the streets is something else. You can tell the Difference between butchers, restaurant owners and people generally looking for a bargain - Believe me there are bargains to be had in this place.

As you walk through the central aisle of the Market building, the sight of entire meat carcasses hanging from fridges is an eerie sight, the smell of blood and raw meat is rife, select cuts of meat in the fridges, readily packaged to take away and cook up a storm. The market has undergone a recent modernization, taking away some of the essence of what it was because in our Health and Safety world, they have ruined something yet again.
Walking Further along the great meat-filled aisle, you start to come to a less modern area, you can catch a glimpse of what it was like for many years before the Health and Safety people got their hands on it. Behind the Shutters you can see great meat hooks on pulleys and rails covering massive areas, no sight of a fridge anywhere! This is what it still should be, cast iron and wood, traditional madness in the Centre of London.

There is Nothing else like this in the City of London, it is a sight to see - Bring some money......... and a Bag!!

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