Monday, 28 February 2011

Monday, Yet Again

So today is Monday, like every other Monday it has its downsides. Today is another Dreary UK day, the rain and cold, biting hard into every attempt you make to stay warm. 

So, I thought this Cold day I would share a photograph or two, for the sake of it. This is becoming more of a Photographers blog anyway... so why not. 

In the cold cold weather, we ventured out to try and capture a moment, that would be easily understood, that there was a cold dark side out there. 

As ever, Leela was a Willing model, full of bright ideas and inspiration, willing to walk in the snow and ice to capture a photograph... well I'm sure at one point, she may have been walking on a frozen pond, it doesn't bear thinking about really, if it were a pond, that might have ended badly, quite wet and definitely colder than you could imagine.

But alas, on top of the wintery portraits, an opportunity earlier in the month was used to capture some scenic photos, that this current Monday weather reminds me of, cold and bitter...  biting at the trees.

A leaf, hanging from a branch, cold and dying, saving itself from falling down to the colder ground below, to be walked on and crushed into the darkness, holding onto that branch, trying to find a way to hold onto the daylight it so hopelessly tries to find... 

Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Road to Success

The Road to Success is a Long one, with many twists and turns along the way. Many decisions to make, many paths to choose. 

Friday 25th will be a day with a New Turn for my road to success, I've had many ones in the past, some have ended up as a dead end - with the decisions being made not being the best ones, but others making new headway for better things... the desire to better myself. 

So, comes Friday, a Job interview that could change things for the rest of my career, or at least a year of it. The continual challenge that comes with such a job, the responsibility, the desire to do more and succeed in what I do. If it all goes well, I might just have to treat myself. 

For now. 

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Night is Young, Tunnel Run

Well, it all started a few days ago, one too many conversations and one too many mockings of a slightly quiet exhaust ended in a late night attack with an angle grinder by a Mad Doctor of the Metal, then after much cutting and welding one JimmyDrama's MR2, all of a sudden burst back into life, no longer the quiet schoolboy, now walking the streets as a "Proper" Football Hooligan, ready with a Bottle to smash over the First Porsche it Sees.

Re-Discovering his love for the 2, it didn't take much persuading to convince Jimmy to Have fun in a Little Tunnel Run, nothing huge, just a couple of cars to test out a route design... so late one night, or should I say, early one Morning, the rendezvous was setup... 2:30a.m. is a Quiet time in most of London, people are sleeping, the only things out are usually the animals and the clubbers...

So after getting some much needed Supplies, Fuel for the Cars and Fuel for the Drivers, We started on the long road to the First Meeting Point. Taking a Sightseeing tour of London as we went along, meeting other cars and Showing up Horrendously Expensive Porsche 4x4's while we were at it... that Proverbial bottle came out to play, with a little bit of sideways on the greasy roads of London.

It took its time to get here, the one thing Preventing a London Version of the Midnight Club is Very Much a part of London, its not the Police, its Roadworks... they are everywhere at the moment, with Water Mains and Gas Mains being Replaced, rebuilding and building new transport links, means that sometimes the old ones are shut off and Diverted.

While Savouring the delights of the London Eye, we decided to Take a Slight Detour (one of Many) to Leake Street Tunnel, famed for its Graffiti and the ability to shoot a car with relatively little hassle... although this is made easier with a simple tool that I had regrettably left in the boot of another car... a Tripod. Whoops!

Then after some suggestions, we decided it was time... to take on the Tunnels.

After Blasting from Leake Street, we took on the Tunnels of London, only to find that some had been closed off, but with them being closed off, meant the discovery of others... that this Veteran London Driver had never been in, even though having been in tunnels that most people don't know exist, deep below the surface. After Much driving round and about, trying to find new ways to get where we were going, making noise in the process, spinning and sliding around the streets of London town, we arrived, at Westferry Circus, the infamous underground roundabout. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity of it being quiet, a few laps of the roundabout were done... much to the enjoyment of ourselves.

The Last tunnel were but yards away, but the decision was taken to head home... it was now coming up past 5am, the Red Bull was wearing off and the cold and rain were not as appealing as the start of the night. Disappearing, like Knights of the Street... it ended as it had begun, on a dark wet road, outside of our meeting point all those hours ago.

Photo Time!

There's nothing like uploading a Photo or Two, well, Here they are.

Leela is a Lovely Girl, like others she has her troubles, pure emotion can be seen in a photo as well as the fun side of such a Lovely Person. I Love working with her, there is nobody like her in the world and she is a great friend.... That doubles as a model, how convenient.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Sometimes, a Friend is Better than Nothing at All

Lately, I have been contemplating a lot on life, as I deal with other peoples issues, I rarely have time to deal with my own, which I personally think is ideal, as then it gives me less to think about and worry about. But there are times that you do let things get ahead of you, then all of a sudden, they just creep up and catch you out unexpectedly.

I had a lot of time to myself recently, its purely because I was off work when everybody was in work, even now, while I sit here tapping away at this blog, I am by myself - albeit in work. I do have a lot of time to myself, a lot of time to think and contemplate life and its mysteries... Especially life's most recent mystery... how to help others that, well, cant be helped unless they are willing to learn the lesson that life is showing them.

Its amazing really, Life is such a strange thing, the Lessons that we learn from Doing simple things, as well as the mistakes that we make. If you do not see something as a mistake, you never learn from it. I cannot think of anything in life that I, personally regret doing - to me it was yet another lesson in life, if it wasn't for that lesson then I would not be the man that is sitting in front of this laptop, killing time in work, writing about the way life is for me. I have made mistakes in the past, some worse than others, but you (at least I did) learn from these things. I'm certainly not going to go into the ins and outs of the mistakes I have made, as for one, I sure as helldon't know where I would start...

Sitting by yourself is an amazing thing, the peace and quiet can lead to your brain working overtime, it allows you to come to quiet conclusions to things, but it can also stress you out somewhat, as some people have found out... this is one thing I do regret, sorry I lied... but when you Have a go at someone whom, really is an innocent party in something, over something merely trivial, well... I can safely say I feel like a Bad person afterwards. I discover a lot of things when I sit and think to myself, the feelings you have for people, the ideas that make your life the mystery it is, even down to what you are going to have for you dinner... it can all be solved by just sitting, in this case, in a Dark office, dimly lit by the glow of a Laptop screen, no lights, the shudder of the walls every time a train rolls past outside.

I have even discovered the City can be a Tranquil place at night, we are away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas, however, some places come alive at night on a Friday, with the electric atmosphere of the hidden London Clubs that only open their doors at the weekends to the humdrum party animals that are London'sNightlife.

On a moonlit Evening, I decided to take a walk around the local area, to clear my head of the confusion that was milling in it, needless to say, walking the streets, the glow of the orange street lighting, mixed with the lights of the offices, add a depth and new dimensions to the mixture of architecture that fillsLondon's Streets, you get a sense of being alone, as you walk, you see only but your reflection in the glass, rarely, late at night do you see someone walking off a main road, down side alleys and the back routes of London.

I do wonder sometimes as the people walk by me, I wonder, what is going through their mind, what are they contemplating, you see a young lady, sitting on a train staring almost blankly out of the window, no look of expression on their face, not following the scenery that whizzes by as the train makes its way past peoples houses, glancing around the carriage, making eye contact and breaking it almost instantly, returning the gaze to the distance of the window, maybe she is contemplating, what is beyond that window as a smile creeps the corners of her face, people wonder constantly, about loves found and loves lost, the life that surrounds them, the people and the things that keep them moving daily, if it wasn't for those around us, where would we be in life? The people that have an impact on us, the ones that make the biggest impression are the ones we will always remember, today I write about a girl on the train, but tomorrow that girl wont be in my head, she will become, but another person that you brushed past to get to a seat, another person that you will most likely never see again.

The ones that make a difference in your life however, are the ones that are always there, even when they are not there physically, there are a lot of people in my life, some I see all the time, some that I rarely see, then there are the ones, that no matter wether or not I see them, are always with me, the ones that I cant help but think about when I feel down, when I feel alone, the sad thing is, some of these people, lately, I hardly see purely because of conflict in schedule, which I know is a crap excuse, but it is the reason for it... I'd love to see more of certain people, I'd also love to see less of others.
There is one person that has made an Impact on me, as all of my friends have, that is why they are still my friends, because they are the ones that make me feel like a 'normal' person, but there is one that has opened my eyes to a lot of things, a lot of reasoning that I had never before felt, or even thought about. Its even the simple thing of driving along, listening to an album that makes you miss someone, not because of who they are or what they do for you, the way they make you feel, the person that they make you. I can safely say I am an altogether different person when I am with them, it feels like I don't have to do anything to impress them, don't have to worry about what I do or don't do, everything I do is fine and I feel they are the same with me, they don't have to do anything to make me want to be around them, its the energy I feel, the peace of just being able to sit there and be me.

This is what I contemplate, the 'what if?', although, I don't let the whole 'what if?' thing rule my life, it can go both ways, you can do one thing, think what if I didn't do it, well its the same the other way around, what if you didn't do it, you would be sitting there thinking the same thing..... What if? I envision situations, I think about what life would be like if it was a different way, I look at the things that I'd like to happen, but I also look at it, in the way if something did happen, what would happen if that situation were to take a wrong turn, as I have seen a lot of things take a wrong turn lately, but I can safely say, at the moment, I'm not willing to risk what I have already, to lose that would take a big part of my life away, a major shock to the system that I don't need, as it would hurt me more to become something else with someone, but stay almost as close and then lose that.... its not worth the risk.

For Now....


To continue things, well thats never going to be easy, because purely I am in a different mood to the way I was before, I have gone through more stress, more anguish and pain, but recently, It all came out, what was bottled up inside, just, found a way out, I found the right time and person to talk about it to, admittedly, that person was the one that it was all about

It also made me Realise, just how important some people are to me, especially the ones that have changed my life in a way thats hard to explain, without them I was starting to lag.

Although the chance of things happening are slim, as I said before I dont think I would want them to, as what I have already, I wouldn't want to lose, those people are important to me, in ways that are hard to explain.