Monday, 28 February 2011

Monday, Yet Again

So today is Monday, like every other Monday it has its downsides. Today is another Dreary UK day, the rain and cold, biting hard into every attempt you make to stay warm. 

So, I thought this Cold day I would share a photograph or two, for the sake of it. This is becoming more of a Photographers blog anyway... so why not. 

In the cold cold weather, we ventured out to try and capture a moment, that would be easily understood, that there was a cold dark side out there. 

As ever, Leela was a Willing model, full of bright ideas and inspiration, willing to walk in the snow and ice to capture a photograph... well I'm sure at one point, she may have been walking on a frozen pond, it doesn't bear thinking about really, if it were a pond, that might have ended badly, quite wet and definitely colder than you could imagine.

But alas, on top of the wintery portraits, an opportunity earlier in the month was used to capture some scenic photos, that this current Monday weather reminds me of, cold and bitter...  biting at the trees.

A leaf, hanging from a branch, cold and dying, saving itself from falling down to the colder ground below, to be walked on and crushed into the darkness, holding onto that branch, trying to find a way to hold onto the daylight it so hopelessly tries to find... 

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