Thursday, 17 March 2011

Holly P

So, the other day, my ever so lovely friend Holly was looking for a few snaps done, well... ever the obliging and happy snapper, I jumped in and stole the opportunity before someone else took it. 

As the Day started to break after another Sleepless night, I arose, tired and worn out... wondering what day it was, waking up to a Message from Holly, just double checking everything for the days antics... I rose from my slumber and got ready for the day, Heading out to the world outside, my initial plan to take some nice photos outside was slightly hampered by the fact that there was no sun. 

Not one to take defeat easily, I pondered on and met Holly at what was to be my makeshift studio for the day... using natural light only, working with large apertures and the most important thing... having fun! The facial expressions and banter between us were beyond explanation, it made the couple of hours fly past and the resulting photos were some of the best that I have taken... trying new skills and new techniques, something new. 

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