Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Night is Young, Tunnel Run

Well, it all started a few days ago, one too many conversations and one too many mockings of a slightly quiet exhaust ended in a late night attack with an angle grinder by a Mad Doctor of the Metal, then after much cutting and welding one JimmyDrama's MR2, all of a sudden burst back into life, no longer the quiet schoolboy, now walking the streets as a "Proper" Football Hooligan, ready with a Bottle to smash over the First Porsche it Sees.

Re-Discovering his love for the 2, it didn't take much persuading to convince Jimmy to Have fun in a Little Tunnel Run, nothing huge, just a couple of cars to test out a route design... so late one night, or should I say, early one Morning, the rendezvous was setup... 2:30a.m. is a Quiet time in most of London, people are sleeping, the only things out are usually the animals and the clubbers...

So after getting some much needed Supplies, Fuel for the Cars and Fuel for the Drivers, We started on the long road to the First Meeting Point. Taking a Sightseeing tour of London as we went along, meeting other cars and Showing up Horrendously Expensive Porsche 4x4's while we were at it... that Proverbial bottle came out to play, with a little bit of sideways on the greasy roads of London.

It took its time to get here, the one thing Preventing a London Version of the Midnight Club is Very Much a part of London, its not the Police, its Roadworks... they are everywhere at the moment, with Water Mains and Gas Mains being Replaced, rebuilding and building new transport links, means that sometimes the old ones are shut off and Diverted.

While Savouring the delights of the London Eye, we decided to Take a Slight Detour (one of Many) to Leake Street Tunnel, famed for its Graffiti and the ability to shoot a car with relatively little hassle... although this is made easier with a simple tool that I had regrettably left in the boot of another car... a Tripod. Whoops!

Then after some suggestions, we decided it was time... to take on the Tunnels.

After Blasting from Leake Street, we took on the Tunnels of London, only to find that some had been closed off, but with them being closed off, meant the discovery of others... that this Veteran London Driver had never been in, even though having been in tunnels that most people don't know exist, deep below the surface. After Much driving round and about, trying to find new ways to get where we were going, making noise in the process, spinning and sliding around the streets of London town, we arrived, at Westferry Circus, the infamous underground roundabout. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity of it being quiet, a few laps of the roundabout were done... much to the enjoyment of ourselves.

The Last tunnel were but yards away, but the decision was taken to head home... it was now coming up past 5am, the Red Bull was wearing off and the cold and rain were not as appealing as the start of the night. Disappearing, like Knights of the Street... it ended as it had begun, on a dark wet road, outside of our meeting point all those hours ago.

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